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  • Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update is now available
    Time: Oct. 23, 2017

    The Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM CD KEY GLOBAL Case Creator Update is here and ready to download. The software giant has already started testing its case creators in April and now all Windows 10 users can experience the improvements today. Like previous updates, the Microsoft computer step by step and you can check if it is available from Windows Update for your own PC. If your device is authorized, it is downloaded in the background and an input message is displayed to set the installation time.

    If your device is not listed, it does not mean that you can not ignore the line. You can manually update the Case Maker update on the Microsoft Windows 10 site. Simply click the Update Now button and continue with the Upgrade Wizard. You can also download ISO images from the latest copy of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update if you want to install it on your PC.

    Updating Microsoft Windows 10 to create updates contains several new features. The first addition is Windows Mixed Reality, which makes the operating system compatible with the new headsets from PC manufacturers, which are already available in the market. In our guide, you can learn more about the mixed reality of Windows. Microsoft also incorporates the integration of contacts in the task list and optimizes the design of Windows 10 to take into account the effects of animation. This new Fluent design also includes updates for applications. For more information on the 10 new features of Windows 10, see our sample upgrade guide.