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  • Why Cause 4 is the ideal starting point for beginners?
    Time: Dec. 29, 2018

    If you ask most players what they are looking for in a new title, it is possible that telling stories is one of the most stringent requirements. However, many of us are looking for a game because we want to prevent our brain from developing powerful characters, crooked curves and complex plots that require your full attention. We want a game where we can get lost and have fun: that's the purpose of a game, right? While the recent addition of Avalanche Studios to the franchise of Just Cause 4 Steam CD Key has not been particularly well received, especially when competing with Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Spider-Man.


    That said, it's still an incredibly fun game. Just Cause 4 is fast, action packed and full of explosions. Physics is ridiculous and exaggerated, and all this, combined with a successful summer narrative, makes it a great way to turn off the brain and have fun.



    Nowadays, many games offer a minimal introduction to a single game mechanism, not to mention a really useful tutorial. The first mission of Just Cause 4 and the first tasks that follow will introduce you to the troupe of useful characters from Rico and will guide you through each step to learn how to best use Rico and its fishing emblem.



    From the beginning of the game, the player starts in a small area with weapons, explosive objects and some enemies that he can collect. Before his first parachute flight, he has already understood the basic mechanisms of combat and environmental manipulation. If you venture into the open world, you will feel competent and ready for anything. It is a great feeling to master these simple movement commands, and the tutorial will give you many tips and practices to prepare you for any challenge.