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  • When Will Fallout 76 be Online Again after Maintance?
    Time: Jan. 16, 2019

    Bethesda is usually quick to restore servers with down time generally taking just a few hours after maintenance. When will Fallout 76 be online again? In short, Fallout 76 is back online when the servers have been updated and players have updated their game software. Updating the server can only result in a few hours down time. However, returning to the game can take much longer. Considering that Fallout 76 Xbox One Digital Code is a distinctly online experience, the game does not really run until users return to play.

    To make things even more complicated, Bethesda seems does not have much of a set schedule for the downtime of the Fallout 76 server. Similarly, updates and patch notes from Fallout 76 do not follow the same numerical order on all platforms, making it difficult to track specific server down time and outages.

    Although Fallout 76 Xbox One Digital Code servers are often out of service for three to five hours, the online time of Fallout 76 depends entirely on your players. If today's server maintenance matches previously planned outages, the survivors of the badlands should not wait too long to play again.