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  • To use a subscription to XBox Live Gold
    Time: Nov. 26, 2018

    Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game system provides online services for Xbox Live and Xbox Live Marketplace for those who sign up to be a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Marketplace allow players to enjoy not only online games with others players, but also download music and videos. Rent and watch movies and TV shows and even buy video games.


    First, you need to create your own xbox live account, following the prompts. This is very simple, you can easily learn. And then you should get an Xbox Live Gold Membership Card.



    Insert an Xbox 360 compatible video game into your console. Select the online multiplayer option for the game and play with or against other members of Xbox Live Gold.



    Select the Gaming Market tab to search for games, demos, videos and downloadable add-ons. Many Game Marketplace contents can be downloaded for free. However, for most of this content, you must use Microsoft Points (Xbox Online currency) to purchase these items. These downloads require enough space on your Xbox 360 hard drive or storage device.