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  • The Sims 4 Get Famous: What Can We Know?
    Time: Dec. 27, 2018

    Like any other Sims game, the Sims 4 are constantly updated, and we can not be grateful enough. We had 5 and we acquired new skills for our SIM card, our extended neighborhoods and our colorful cities. We are about to hit The Sims 4 Get Famous DLC Key Global. You can become a star.

    With this feature, the Sim can pursue a career in the entertainment world. You will have to audition to record the next movie and you will also have to maintain your popularity by making the most of social networks and exclusive friendships. You may have to take selfies from time to time because your followers should be many.

    It is clear that the Sims 4 want to follow modern society, but that does not mean they can not laugh without laughing. It is a kind of satire of our lives today, but in a friendly way and without taking it too seriously.

    The action takes place in a new area called Del Sol Valley, a reinterpretation of Hollywood. It has all the advantages and disadvantages. To listen to certain roles, you must learn or simply improve some of your Sim skills, such as: improving language and humor.