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  • The map of Modern Warfare shows what it learned from Modern Warfare 2
    Time: Oct. 14, 2019

    The original version of Modern Warfare has changed multiplayer games forever. But if Modern Warfare was the basis of Call of Duty's multiplayer mode, it was Modern Warfare 2, which had sold almost 10 million more than its predecessor.

    Modern warfare was characterized by vast areas and long lines of vision. Even in the smallest cards, you are likely to see an enemy coming and so do you. In these cards, a player could stand in a window and deal with an entire section without any reason to move.

    But Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Steam CD Key and the beta version of Modern Warfare 2019 are not like that at all. The long lines of sight are still there, but most of the maps here are divided into corners and cracks where you can hide and in the narrow corners where you can jump, hoping to see an enemy before he leaves that you are there They must remain mobile and immediate reactions are crucial.

    The only problem with these cards in the beta version of Modern Warfare is that they are sometimes undermined by poor reproduction. At best, Modern Warfare 2 troops felt that the battlefield was constantly evolving. When a team pushed from one side of the map to the other, their opponents began to appear on the other side, reversing the battlefield. The spawns have been quick and can sometimes help an enemy fall in love with you, but they have rarely felt unfair or completely unpredictable.

    Despite the small boredom of some unpredictable appearances, Modern Warfare seems to be a departure from the recent Call of Duty game series.

    Instead of trying to include elements of other popular multiplayer games, Modern Warfare feels that Infinity Ward is eliminating levels and returning the series to the elements that make them great. Ten years ago, Modern Warfare 2 was the most popular game in the world and the beta version of Modern Warfare makes it easy to remember why.