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  • The latest Just Cause 4 update comes with Shark and Bark
    Time: Oct. 22, 2019

    Sharks, lasers, dogs and reinforcements. The Shark and Bark vehicle package includes: SHARK CAR (Thresher): Launch amphibious attacks with Shark Car using its DOG CAR laser weapon ('84 Sheepdog): get up off the ground with skin when you travel. Bark your black hand and take a quick trip with the impulse function.

    Just Cause 4 aims to have fun and, after players have recently had the opportunity to become an old label, a new set of downloadable content that offers excellent vehicles with shark and dog themes has just been launched.

    The Just Cause 4 Shark & ​​Bark Car Pack is now available in the Xbox Store and can be downloaded. It offers those who are involved in Just Cause 4 the opportunity to add vehicles with animal themes, namely a Shark Car and a Dog Car!

    The Shark and Bark vehicle package is available for only £ 3.99. Combine lasers with sharks and get stronger with dogs to see how the Shark Car amphibious car attacks enemies with its powerful laser weapons.

    In addition, the Dog Car is a leather-lined engine, with a special thrust that allows it to avoid damage in an emergency.

    With the package that provides new cheap and fun content for a main game of Just Cause 4 that has grown over time, those who fight in Black Hand can gain the additional hassle.