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  • The First Anniversary of Monster Hunter World
    Time: Jan. 15, 2019

    Capcom recently released new details about the first anniversary of Monster Hunter: World Steam CD Key. Capcom will soon launch an event search in February, which would show a new encounter with the Great Jagras.

    The first half of part of the Monster Hunter: World Steam CD Key birthday celebrations is an anniversary center world with the limited time event quest. After January 26, Astera, the hub city, will be in a anniversary environment, complemented by a new festive Handler and Poogie costume, as in the previous seasonal festivals.

    The new quest includes a fight against the Great Jagras, the first monster fought by new players and considered the weakest of the entire team. However, the event quest contains the "Greatest Jagras" that challenge the players.

    As soon as the biggest Jagras event is over, the crossover event with "The Witcher" begins. It will contain content such as the appearance of titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia and other monsters and costumes on the theme of magicians that players, like the previous crossover events, will enjoy with other games.