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  • Review of the Planet Zoo
    Time: May. 18, 2020

    The difference between a roller coaster and a katta is that if one has a problem, it is a slight irritation and if the other has a problem, it is a cause of frantic panic and overwhelming guilt.

    Planet Zoo has several official modes: Career, Challenge, Sandbox and Franchise, but its two real modes are "Things are looking good" and "Oh my gosh, what did I do?". My elephants, giraffes, orangutans, panda bears, and dozens of other beautiful creatures can starve or die of dehydration if I'm not careful.


    Planet Zoo is not just a management simulation, but a survival game. In fact, forget that I just compared it to Planet Coaster. In the most stressful case, Planet Zoo is more like Frostpunk or Prison Architect. None of the lives you are responsible for really wants to be there, and one mistake puts those lives at risk.


    State Zoo

    The number of options you can play with at Planet Zoo is impressive. You can place prefabricated structures, but you can also create them yourself from individual parts in the same extended but sometimes delicate way as in Planet Coaster.


    The micromanagement levels range from things like the colors of the balloons you sell at a particular booth to the number of fees for each color. Planet Zoo even shows you the profit margin for each color.