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  • Postal 4: No Regerts Out Now on Steam Early Access
    Time: Oct. 29, 2019

    Show of Hands, who was looking for a new Postal game? Yes, the developer has now quit Running With Scissors POSTAL 4 No Regerts Steam Key Global in Steam Early Access.

    If you were too young to remember the postal games or if you simply had the good taste of avoiding them, they were cosmopolitan and had material tasks that could be carried out in different ways, both violent and "intelligent." The games and their marketing have pushed the nervous mood.

    Honestly, much of the controversy surrounding the series now seems a bit odd, and the games were really innovative in their own way, but I'm not sure that's what most people are looking for in 2019. It seems that Postcard 4 avoids the ugliest mood of the previous games, so the game can be just a stupid joke.

    Free roaming, Open World, Sandbox Gameplay: Don't be linear in your daily purchases! Look for optional secondary tasks to get additional rewards! Or ignore everything and create a general pandemonium during your free time!

    Jon St. John, veteran of the industry and the legendary voice of Duke Nukem, in the role of POSTAL Dude!

    As mentioned earlier, Postal 4: No Regerts is now available through Steam Early Access. Postal games are not really my cup of tea, but is anyone curiously curious?