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  • PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds Players Unlock Miramar!
    Time: Jan. 6, 2020

    Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Steam CD Key Players have completed a challenge in the game that resulted in the release of the last movie in the game, which contains Miramar, one of the many cards that can be played in the game, and provides basic information. on the battlefield to connect different parts of the PUBG world.

    We are introduced to two people in the movie, one of whom is at the helm of Miramar, a fictional area in Mexico. The other man is someone who uses the area to run with the boss's permission, but seems to have gone beyond the terms of his agreement by consulting a third party about the use of Miramar for some type of game.

    The two come and go in the third unknown, a Russian, while the boss says there is no way that the guy can access Miramar. Mention that the third person wants a "Miramar battlefield" in which you can find out who they are talking about if you have followed the PUBG tradition.

    At the end of the video, after a dramatic explosion, it was learned that the third is the survivor of Erangel, the man who organizes these epic Battle Royale battles in different places. If you don't know who this guy is, you should go back and watch the first great story video for PUBG. Explain how a child who survived a brutal attack became a rich individual who later put together these "games." Although we don't see the character's face when he grew up in any of the movies, one of the main connections between them is the chess piece used in both movies.

    Miramar was the second playable card in PUBG after Erangel served as the default battlefield. Therefore, it is logical for the second story movie to explore this place.