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  • Office 2019 better promotes Office 365
    Time: Oct. 28, 2019

    By increasing prices and maintaining the main features of Office 2019, Microsoft wants to transfer all its users to Office 365.

    When Microsoft launched Office 2019 for Windows this fall, it wasn't an explosion, it was a whisper. In recent years, Microsoft has adopted the new versions of Office with great enthusiasm and success, but this time it has published one or two blog posts with some details.

    There is a good reason for this: Microsoft transfers Office 365, the Office version subscription, to the perpetual version of the suite. If you buy a perpetual version of Office, such as Office 2016 or Office 2019, you pay a one-time fee and keep it forever, and new features will never be available.

    This contrasts with Office 365, which imposes continuous subscription fees and is constantly updated with new features. It is clear that Microsoft wants users to switch to Office 365. Therefore, Microsoft wants to draw as little attention as possible to the new permanent versions of Office.

    Microsoft muttered another reason. Previously, this version was more powerful than any other version available when Microsoft launched Office with a new version number, such as Office 2016. This is no longer the case. Office 2019 is significantly less powerful than Office 365.

    In Office 2019, there is nothing new that has not been available for some time to millions of Office 365 subscribers and Microsoft has several features. Excluded from Office 2019 that I had introduced in Office 365 in recent years.

    The company was nothing new that could delight the world with respect to Office 2019.

    Office 2019 improves compatibility with digital ink throughout the suite, including compatibility with the Microsoft roaming pencil, which allows you to write by hand and scroll through the document sections at the same time by using a digital pen.