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  • Need for Speed Heat Review
    Time: Dec. 2, 2019

    Need for Speed Heat Origin Key Global is a comeback, its success is based on ingredients derived from the most memorable games in the franchise. It took more than the ideal, but Ghost developer has finally built a controller that feels true to the roots of Need for Speed.

    Need for Speed Heat combines favorite elements of fans such as Underground and the most wanted, Most Wanted, with welcome improvements inspired by their contemporaries. The result is an in-depth adaptation of vehicles and frantic car chases, but in a world with less danger that stops cars. As in Forza Horizon, even the stone walls collapse and the trees break when you walk away.

    Palm City is the new playground for Need for Speed ​​Heat, and the neon-inspired map of Miami fits well with the classic Need for Speed ​​theme. The city itself is the highest point in the city, the surrounding countryside is a bit memorable, but there are also some other great places, including a small space center in the style of Cape Canaveral, a fun, an abandoned career oval and a large container park where you pray for a crushed session.

    Heat's interesting problem is that two different experiments must meet here, and that switching between the two is a manual process. During the day, Palm City is defined by regular road races and is sanctioned on routes designated for cash withdrawals, while the night race consists of illegal illegal purchases and getting out of nowhere to accumulate points.

    After several generations of open-world corridors, where the sun rises and sets without waiting for my instructions, I didn't know what to expect from Heat's single timer system, but after a while, I quite like it. performance. It allows me to concentrate on what I need. When I want money for coins and cars, I run during the day. On the other hand, if I need repeated points to qualify for more missions and better performances, I run at night. The night is absolutely the best visual experience, especially when it rains. The race is also more exciting because it helps prevent traffic and deal with more aggressive cops.

    Heat demands are not limited to predefined time laps, as with Payback. Now you have the freedom to escape in any direction. However, they are a bit more difficult; In any case, until you can get the best updates. Although you can mark them in Payback after Burnout 3, you cannot contact the cops in Heat in the same way.

    Now there is a report of damage to your car, so although you can defend yourself a little and repair the service stations up to three times a night, you have too many problems, it is ruined and stops.