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  • Need for Speed Heat has no microtransactions?
    Time: Nov. 11, 2019

    Need for Speed ​​Heat, the elephant that is not in the room is microtransaction. However, the fact that EA launched this market without a microtransaction market is the best indication that the publisher has little or no hope. This could be the path to the Medal of Honor series.

    Need for Speed ​​Payback was launched in 2017 with Star Wars Battlefront 2 with a similar object box model: raffles are available in real money to enhance your experience and promote your career advancement. But since it was not Star Wars and Need for Speed ​​did not start a movie at the same time, there were fewer lawmakers in Hawaii, Belgium and elsewhere.

    Need for Speed ​​Heat has no microtransactions at the start. However, it is incorrect for a conventional observer to realize in 2019 that the publisher is a hybrid product.

    Need for Speed ​​Heat doesn't even offer that. There may be DLC car packages later, but now it is a complete setback. Everything on the CD, unlockable, as if we were 2005 or something.

    Given the media coverage and criticism of the press specialized in microfinance and premium DLC, I agree that it may be unfair to interpret it as a lack of business confidence rather than celebrating Need for Speed ​​Heat as a high quality Product . I should have fun Backing up my grade, racing systems are fun, progress is understandable, it's a bit complicated, but Death Stranding and Need for Speed ​​Heat are paying off at least at the beginning of the game.