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    Time: Dec. 19, 2018

    Have you ever wanted to jump into the eyes of a tornado and throw yourself into the air only to shoot down your enemies? In the ridiculous physical sandbox of Just Cause 4 Steam CD Key EU, this is just one of the crazy pranks that you could find as protagonist, Rico Rodríguez.

    Just Cause 4 Steam Key implies that players roam a beautiful world populated with practically everything that needs to be destroyed. Solis is impressive, but you can also do everything you can with a new and brilliant fleet of weapons and a new game engine that makes everything weird possible.

    Just Cause 4 takes the players to the fictitious country of South America, Solís, where Rico Rodríguez must free those of the dictator of the country. Along the way, he builds his own army of chaos to fight the Black Hand.

    The transport is also covered and, although Just Cause 4 has a simple and fast movement system, you should definitely spend some time browsing alone, just for fun. Whether you drive a tank in the city, a helicopter in an area or a motorcycle in the streets of the city, Just Cause 4 has it all.