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  • In addition to players, Battlefield V's developers are also confused over "Roadmap"
    Time: Sep. 10, 2019

    The confusion on the Battlefield V Origin CD Key content roadmap seems to have moved to the development team, where developers are frustrated by the roadmap of inaccurate chapters that promise vehicles and equipment in the game that do not yet exist.

    In a reddit thread, DICE was asked to specify when fans could expect reward images of the vehicle and camera published in an already published chapter, but that had not yet happened. Battlefield community leader Jeff Braddock admitted that the roadmap for the game was changing.

    The original image promised "new weapons, vehicles and equipment" in June, but it seems that the information is obsolete and replaced.

    He is frustrated by the inaccuracy of the roadmap of the specific chapter and passes it on to his bosses and study managers. I transmit this problem to the marketing team to find out why this information exists. The article is not about vehicles or equipment, but about weapons and elites. The photo is inaccurate.

    At the launch of Battlefield V in November, James Duggan, our reviewer, said: "Battlefield V was launched as a new rookie without proper preparation, with a multitude of errors, underdeveloped functions and reserved menu screens that I remind of almost everyone , a great potential that could become one of the best in the series with time and luck. "