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  • I encountered some issues in playing "Borderlands 3"
    Time: Oct. 24, 2019

    You may think that after 50 hours of play on four extremely powerful levels, 50 Frontier Borderlands 3 will not play that much. On the console, I play a separate game with my boyfriend, playing only a few hours every two or three days. We are about to make our first breakthrough, but I was surprised to see that a major campaign problem that I encountered recently, despite all the solutions and arrangements of the last two months, is still there.

    The problem is that the game cannot bring enemies and booties to your level, sometimes even backwards, while returning from an enemy combat mission from level 24 to 29, then 25. The problem here is not simply that it is easy to kill everything in one or two shots, but you feel that everything makes no sense.

    In addition, all the loot they give is at their level and not at your level, which means you can survive long missions with nothing valuable or no chance, even if it is a legendary prey.

    This seems to be a growing problem as you progress through the game. This usually happens to me when I return to Pandora for the second time and start this search. The pain and terror segment is almost always well below average, but strange things are happening as part of this mission. Until you enter Carnivora, you are undervalued. Everything in Carnivora suddenly returns to your level.

    During my first career, I thought I played too many side missions, but in the following games, where I skipped many side missions, the problem was still there.

    Two months have passed and this problem has not yet been resolved. It almost seems that, over time, the problem gets worse, the more attempts I make, the more I encounter this problem in different segments.