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  • Hitman 2' Makes You The Catastrophe Everyone Is Dreading
    Time: Dec. 10, 2018

    Agent 47 may seem like a tool, but ultimately it is the key to global elite gangs.


    The last mission of Hitman 2 Steam CD Key refers to the end of the world. For us, it is a murder mission with a small complication: agent 47 must kill two sisters during a gala where the projects of a shadow organization are presented to the members of this organization.



    What they do not tell you is that this Illuminati house is the Apocalypse. These people, the aristocracy, the oil magnates and the criminals behind the curtains of existence fear climate change. They are looking for a way to survive the absolute limit of the planet.



    The people who run the open house, the sisters in Washington, belong to this class of pioneer leaders. The sisters want to modernize this world of birds of minerals, that their practices become greener and help avoid the climate crisis.



    They are committed to making the world more stable and predictable. But most people do not think it's possible. They are looking for an exit. Antarctic bunker. brain files. Escape from space escapes. They want first of all to avoid disaster ahead.