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  • Hitman 2 is the Best Stealth Game
    Time: Jan. 9, 2019

    Hitman 2 Steam CD Key brought back one of our favorite programs to the PC in its best form.

    The Hitman 2 levels are the best sandboxes in their class that can take hours to unlock, and although the slot selection in this game is a little conventional by the standards of the series, it's still fun. You can also download the levels of your predecessor in the new game.

    Our murder contest worked great when I enjoyed Hitman 2 and really enjoyed the game. Most of the safest and most reliable methods to kill a target are also relatively slow. So I had to reevaluate myself because of the high score I thought I knew well: find new ways and opportunities, and be as stealthy and effective to use as possible.

    Some of these elaborate and detailed puzzle boxes are among the best in the series and it has never been so interesting to find the systems that can kill your targets.