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  • Fortnite:The coming Cobalt skin will be included in Starter Pack
    Time: Jan. 17, 2019

    A new Skin discovered in the GeForce Fortnite Bundle PC Key patch v7.20 assets seems to be included in an upcoming Starter Pack, depending on the new assets discovered. Cobalt skin was one of the many new appearances that were added to Update 7.20. Cobalt is an epic skin with a simple enough attire, blue and black.

    Originally, players assumed that this mask would be published through the item store. However, recently discovered assets indicate that cobalt skin and associated cosmetics are released through a starter pack. The Starter Pack must contain V-Bucks and the corresponding Cobalt matching Back Bling, but that could change.

    If the matching color scheme and overall appearance of the Reinforced Backplate Back Bling is not enough for you, BlueMystery will internally designate include both that and the Cobalt skin.

    Epic Games has not yet published the official announcement and the release date of this startup package. We are likely to see this package in the store in the next few weeks, shortly after leaving any current bundle.