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  • FIFA 19: How To Control The Goalkeeper
    Time: Dec. 11, 2018

    In FIFA 19 Xbox One Key Global, controlling the goalkeeper's controls is as important as challenging the players on your team. In many cases, you must replace the goalkeeper to prevent those free throws from falling into the net and costing a game. Or you can go to the goalkeeper because you lost control of the ball and your opponents are trying to score a goal.

    One of the biggest innovations in the FIFA 19 game is the ability to keep the goalkeeper in full control. Many players call this addition "game change" because it allows a new strategic game and allows the general control of their team against an attacking team or a kicked opponent. The last thing you want to see is the goalkeeper of your opponents under FIFA 19!

    In FIFA 19, you can also keep the right club at a time when you want to control your goalkeeper. Hold the stick and you should hear a click. This means that you have taken control of the owner.

    If the right lever is still held down, you can move it in different directions to control the support.