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  • EFootball PES 2021 Season Updated Game Report
    Time: Nov. 9, 2020

    PES 2021 is one of the riskiest projects Konami has launched. The PES 2021 Season Update was released as an update to last year's version and includes the same base game and modes from PES 2020. At the same time, jerseys, rosters and trades will be introduced for the upcoming football season.


    Yes, things really need to be changed and the lack of a new mode could hurt the longevity of this year's edition. However, additional improvements to the field and new myClub features make PES 2021 an interesting entry in the long list of soccer matches and a great entry point for new fans.



    The same but different

    All of these tweaks gave the game a massive makeover, and the progression from PES 2019 to PES 2020 was easy to see. With the exception of a slight color change and the inclusion of a new soundtrack, in PES 2021 the menus, game screens, team intros, appearance and modes are similar to PES 2020.


    However, PES 2021 becomes little more than a redesigned PES 2020 when you walk on the ground. The pace is much slower. More responsive management across teams.



    Few games, such as when an inferior team unexpectedly transform in Barcelona and pass effortlessly, could become unrealistic. Fortunately, now that players make a lot of mistakes, this weakness is much rarer than in PES 2020. And PES 2021 has the potential to knock you out of your chair with a score of the last second or so. to give up some hiccups. This year it is much easier to dive.


    The full experience applies to a handful of limited mods from PES 2021. There is a wider range of shots and parries, and the wing action allows the ball to move again with a benefit.