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  • Dollarhyde and Parvati - Surprise Stars of "The Outer Worlds"
    Time: Nov. 14, 2019

    In the early hours of The Outer Worlds Epic Key EU, Obsidian's new sci-fi role-playing game, there's a lot to love. The colorful foreign world. A contempt of capitalism. Endless points in a status dialog. But most notable is Parvati Holcomb, a shy but contagiously curious resident of Edgewater, who has had a sense of optimism under the overwhelming weight of a large city used to break the ghosts.

    In most games, especially in The Outer Worlds, it's hard to find everything a person has done. It is a conjugal effort. This is even true for Parvati, a person invented by artist Chris L'Etoile before leaving the project, and then broadcast a storyteller Kate Dollarhyde.

    Dollarhyde was eager to see the world champion Fandom Parvati unexpectedly.

    When Dollarhyde counts the control of Parvati's writing, some essential parts of the Star's character were already in place, including the fact that Parvati was identified as an ace. When L'Etoile flees, Dollarhyde obtains a "very long conceptual document" for Parvati and a series of dialogues covering the first area of ​​the game, the player's ship and various missions.

    The link between Dollarhyde and Parvati was unique: Dollarhyde also identifies himself as a parvati now had a very personal voice behind his writing. That was not the reason why Dollarhyde had been awarded by Parvati. She was not on the road when she developed the outer worlds. But everything that changed after the game came out, like Parvati and, therefore, Dollarhyde also convinced to regret a face for the game.

    Most role-playing games such as The Outer Worlds offer players a variety of responses for all situations. You can be kind, you can be a fool, you can be indifferent. At this point, when Parvati chooses to be vulnerable, the game explicitly limited his ability to react.

    You can do many things in The Outer Worlds, but for Parvati, you can't be a fan.