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  • Devil May Cry 5: Explanation Of The Game
    Time: Sep. 11, 2020

    The Devil May Cry series has an interesting history in the gaming industry. Originally a Resident Evil concept, it eventually became its own thing about a legendary demon hunter named Dante. During his journey, he went through many trials and difficulties and thus made new allies.


    But with each new entry there is always a new development in the story and as such some can be confusing, or at least curious, crucial elements of the game.



    What is V.

    When players started playing Devil May Cry V, few expected the VV character to be a mysterious character who was physically weak compared to other Devil Hunters. However, he is a competent strategist, as he can use his confidants as a means of attack for him.


    Nero Devil Trigger

    The simplest hypothesis that was also confirmed outside of the game was probably Nero's origin. For a long time, people believed that Nero was, to some extent, the son of Virgil. With the special edition Devil May Cry 4, they showed how Vergil came to Fortuna in the first place. But with Devil May Cry V, all of this is confirmed by Dante.



    Dante's new way

    Speaking of which, this isn't necessarily the first time Sin Devil Trigger has appeared in the Devil May Cry media. Although technically the form appeared in the fifth game, it is actually an extension of the Majin Devil Trigger form from Devil May Cry 2. A form that allows Dante to be virtually invulnerable when he is. in poor health. and give Dante incredible power.


    Virgil's motivation and where he's been

    Since canon Devil May Cry 1, fans have finally figured out where Sparda's son was after all this time. Desperate to defeat Dante, he decides to separate himself from the humanity that was holding him back. This leads to the creation of Urizen and V. Urizen makes it clear that this was all done so that he could bite into the fruit, which gives the user immense power.