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  • Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 may get its last update
    Time: Sep. 23, 2019

    While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is actually trying to anchor the series, its predecessor uses fantastic freedom. Treyarch Call Of Duty games are famous for their futuristic modes of technology and zombies. Both bring games closer to science fiction games than war games.

    With the end of the Beta version of Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty's attention returns to Black Ops 4 to surprise its fans until the next game in October. Treyarch will release the Black Ops 4 Operation Dark Divide update, which could be the last important piece of the game.

    Operation Dark Divide has the end of the story of Aether Zombies in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 entitled Day of the Dead. It will also include two new cards and a variety of superhero toiletries.

    Although it hasn't been confirmed that this is the latest important content for Black Ops 4, the timing is fine. Operation Dark Divide will launch on PS4 on September 23, the same day that the beta version of Modern Warfare is completed. Once Modern Warfare officially launches a month later, Treyarch can concentrate on developing its next game. It is unlikely that Activision wants its games to compete. The servers remain active but do not expect any additional content later. The Dark Divide operation begins on September 23 for the PS4 and September 30 for the Xbox One and the PC.

    Are you going to play Modern Warfare or hang out in Black Ops 4? Will you like this game and this update?