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  • Battlefield V Will Get Microtransactions Which Explains Its Grind Issues
    Time: Jan. 3, 2019

    To avoid the problems associated with many other games published by Electronic Arts, the developer has been able to launch DICE Battlefield V Origin CD Key without any surprise boxes, downloadable content packages or seasonal passes. Instead, their micro-cosmetic transactions would provide long-term sales, but they were not implemented at the time of launch to avoid negativity when they were included.

    This is a tip from the Forza franchise and some other versions of Triple A, where they are launched without any real money transaction until all the critics appear and they begin to give way after the hype. For Battlefield V, DICE believes that this was a player's aspiration to get used to the Battlefield V Cosmetic Advancement System.

    The game and game progress also lack basic features, including the ability to drag the defeated enemies and launch cosmetics for cars when the live service "Tides of War" Battlefield V began a few weeks after its release. launching.

    Microtransactions are implemented before the game is "finished" in the traditional sense, partly due to the BFV eruption. Even rival Black Ops 4 had a three-year development cycle. BFV was two years old compared to the release of Battlefield 1. Battlefield V is great, it's not over yet.