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  • "Battlefield V" Is Still "Battlefield" For Better
    Time: Nov. 23, 2018

    When the explosions surround you and the enemy approaches you at your last point of capture, you hold your breath, you can sweat with your hands and concentrate as if your life were at stake.

    What Battlefield V Xbox One Digital Code Global does best is that it overwhelms you. It immerses you in the experience of a shooter in the first person, since only a few games can do it. The explosions that occur next to you feel very close. The bullets that go through your head scare you. When your equipment is destroyed, you feel alone. If the objective of battlefield V was to control the atmosphere, the success was enormous.

    The battlefield is in a strange place. It's great to see how good he is and all that Battlefield fans love about the returns of the franchise in his latest installment, Battlefield V. Great battles, big cards, vehicles, combat classes etc, they are all back now.

    The maps you made for this year's iteration are impressive. Size, width and volume are expected from a map of the battlefield, but the variety of locations gives each game a different look. There are large open areas in the middle of a desert with mountainous terrain where they can hide. There are snowy peaks where your opponent can sit around the corner, and you'll almost be surprised how close everything is. But if you can survive in the narrow passages, you will arrive at an open camp that is perfect for the sniper.