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  • Anthem Has BioWare’s Creative Touch
    Time: Jan. 25, 2019

    BioWare's Anthem Origin Key offers enough that is new to justify its own existence. The world is beautiful. The characters are bearable. More importantly, it moves and plays good.

    While the shared world shooter represents a break with BioWare's solid action RPG story, Anthem retains enough of the developer's creative signature to call it as more than an attempt to gain ground that has been lost to the true innovation that was destiny.

    As in many BioWare games, dialogue options, decent voice acting and passable facial animations show characters with personalities, desires and basic motivations. The character of Anthem Origin Key player, a mercenary known as a Freelancer, must constantly level up and improve weapons. The player travels through lush landscapes and occasionally stops for battles.

    Basically, Anthem is a solid shared-world shooter which does not take too many risks. It is like an imaginary world designed to be conquered little by little by small groups of friends.