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  • A New Tank And a Better Panzerstorm Map Is Coming to Battlefield V
    Time: Jan. 29, 2019

    The next Battlefield V Origin CD Key update has been detailed with a new tank and improvements to the Panzerstorm map planned to launch.

    EA DICE highlights some of the key features of the next update, indicating that the Axis vehicle called Storm Guard IV will be launched for the first time when the update is released. Although technically considered an assault gun, on the top of the vehicle has a turret and a place for another gunner. It can be unlocked by completing the weekly challenge of the game or by completing the the third Chapter Event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

    These types of vehicles are proficient in the Panzerstorm map, which is exactly the battlefield that EA DICE modifies in this new update. Additional buildings and other "soft cover," such as trees have been added to the map to provide additional coverage to infantry and tank users as they move on the map.

    Other improvements found in the update include features such as footsteps, vaulting and kill-cams, some of which were processed before release of the patch notes. The Practice Range will also be expanded.